Compelling Reasons to Consider Employee Fitness and Wellness Programs

Due to current trends in corporate culture the employee population is becoming more aware of health, safety and wellness related issues. Benefit costs are on the rise with an aging workforce, as are increased stress-related illnesses and repetitive strain injuries.

Companies becoming increasingly aware of the fact that prevention is the key to maintaining a healthy and happy staff. It costs less to educate employees about controllable health risks than to pay for the cost of rehab or treatment of chronic diseases and work-related injuries.

By making fitness and wellness a key component in company practices employers will quickly see a return on their investment. The majority of companies that choose to implement such a program find a noticable decrease in employee turnover, absenteeism, and musculoskeletal injuries within the first year of implementation. Reduced cardiovascular risks and health care claims will help reinforce the positive impact fitness and wellness has on the workplace.

The short term start-up costs of a corporate fitness and wellness program are far outweighed by the long-term social and economic benefits to both the company and its employees.

Jason Droppert, BSc, Certified Personal Trainer

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